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Why a Logo and What is a good Logo?

As fast paced as our world has become, you’ve only got seconds to hook a viewer into your website. A well-designed logo is the perfect tool to spark interest and convince visitors to stick around and see what you have to offer. The good news is that decades of research is available to help you connect with your key demographic.

The first thing you need to do is determine whom you want to attract to your site. If you are looking for wealthy professionals you don’t want something goofy and cute. Whether you are looking for something youthful and busy or simple and mature, you have to be aware of other logos. You want to speak to your target audience, but you don’t want to blend in with every other company.

A good logo manages to set you apart, while showcasing an idea that would be useful to any business similar to yours. Everybody knows the Nike logo. It suggests movement and speed and would be appropriate for any other sneaker company, but it belongs to Nike and we all think of the company when we see it. THAT’s a good logo.

Attributes of a Good Logo:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Unique
  • Appropriate

Once you have an idea of who you want to speak to with your logo and what you want to say, you now get to consider the actual design and colors. When working with color using your instincts is a powerful tool. How does the color yellow make you feel? Or black? Odds are, colors affect you the same way they affect others.

Here’s a quick guide to the magic of color:

  • Black is bold and Severe
  • White is crisp and clean
  • Green is the color of bounty and health
  • Blue is stable and authoritative
  • Yellow is youthful and optimistic
  • Orange is fun and warm
  • Red is vital and passionate
  • Purple is spiritual and regal

Those are the basic colors that we all use and encounter. Putting them to use to create a mood is something we all have practice at; we get dressed every morning, matching clothes and color to fit our mood, our objectives for the day and where we’ll be going.

The same thing goes for shapes. If you are a personal trainer, you don’t want a logo that features a caricature of yourself made out of large, round circles. A parallel to being out of shape comes to mind and that might turn off your potential clients. More stable shapes like triangles would help create a more trustworthy atmosphere; a place where people can believe what you’re trying to sell.

Having a good logo design can make or break your website and your business. This piece of art is your first opportunity to communicate with your audience and can lead to clients, customers and lasting working relationships. So, when designing your logo or when choosing a company to design it for you, make sure it gets all the attention it deserves before you put it front and center as the face of your website.

Logo Design Process:

  • Clients inform us about their thought..
  • we start sketching out some samples. “Free of charge up to 5 Sketches”
  • Client give second opinion.
  • Logo Fine tun
  • Client Approval
  • Packing Logo into Printable HQ .AI & .PSD Files and Email them to Client.

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